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With Calpine Energy Solutions' wide range of product choices, we can customize and deliver a solution for your energy procurement needs.

Green Energy

Most companies in the US today are seriously considering the impact that their businesses have on the environment. They have either implemented or set goals to include energy efficiency measures in their strategies. On the supply side, many have developed targets for the procurement of environmentally-friendly energy supplies.

Calpine Energy Solutions has been procuring green energy and monitoring available renewable options for several years. We recognize that an increasing number of our retail electricity customers need customized green energy products designed to meet their individual company goals. To fulfill the need, Calpine Energy Solutions now offers a suite of green energy options that range from a national standard product to state and technology-specific generation. Any of our green products can be incorporated directly into your supply agreement or purchased on a stand-alone basis. They are available immediately and exclusively for our retail electricity customers at competitive pricing.

Features and Choices

  • Green options can be included in energy contracts or stand alone
  • Generic, technology or location specific
  • Carbon offsets are included with all green options
  • Contract price expressed in $/MWh
  • Quantities can be customized using your company's historical loads and green energy goals
  • Products available nationwide

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