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Calpine Energy Solutions is one of the top energy retailers in the US. With our world-class back office, portfolio management, product structuring, regulatory affairs and commodity operations groups, Calpine Energy Solutions is the best choice for your energy procurement needs.

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Let our team of experts at Calpine Energy Solutions answer your questions and provide you with all the energy information you need to make informed business decisions.

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Call this toll-free number +1 877/273-6772 at any time.

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Customer Service: +1 619/684-8360

Energy emergencies

If you're having a natural gas or electrical emergency, please contact your local utility at once. If you need to schedule an energy outage, please also contact your local utility. Your local utility is responsible for the transmission and distribution of the energy we supply to you.
If you have trouble contacting your local utility, call our 24-hour number for help: +1 888-896-8640

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