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Calpine Energy Solutions is one of the top energy retailers in the US. With our
world-class back office, portfolio management, product structuring, regulatory affairs and commodity operations groups, Calpine Energy Solutions is the best choice for your energy procurement needs.

Benefits of Deregulation

There are many benefits of having the right to choose your energy supplier, including those described below.

Product Choice

Recently, the energy industry has been experiencing very volatile and extremely high forward wholesale prices. These prices will make their way into the utilities' rate bases and be reflected in increased fixed-price rates to bundled end users. Under direct access, customers have a choice of products in response to market conditions. Calpine Energy Solutions offers fixed price and index price products with a variety of terms and settlement provisions.

Savings Opportunities

Because Calpine Energy Solutions competes with other suppliers in deregulated markets, you get competitive pricing. Utilities are not forced to compete. They are allowed to collect a rate of return from each dollar they spend, which does not provide an incentive to cut costs.

Renewable Energy Options

Calpine Energy Solutions has worked with its direct access customers to make renewable energy choices available. It has incorporated green power choices into its suite of products and services in response to market signals, not regulatory directives and legislative activity.

Risk Management Services

Another benefit provided by customer choice is access to the risk management services offered by competitive energy suppliers. Customers in all industries are incorporating risk management strategies into their commodity procurement activities. The ability to implement layering and hedging strategies is not possible under utility tariffs over which customers have no control. Calpine Solutions employs several risk analysts to assist customers in managing their energy costs through specifically designed risk management programs that are only possible if direct access is available.

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