Calpine Energy Solutions

Calpine Energy Solutions

Since energy markets in the United States began deregulating more than 10 years ago, Calpine Energy Solutions has emerged as one of the leading retail energy suppliers.

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Commodity Products

Commodity Products Overview

With Calpine Energy Solutions' wide range of product choices, we can customize and deliver a solution for your energy procurement needs.

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Fixed Price

For businesses managing for budget certainty, Calpine Energy Solutions offers several fixed price product options.

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Index Price

For businesses seeking solutions to optimize their costs based on market conditions, Calpine Energy Solutions offers several index price options.

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Green Energy

Calpine Energy Solutions offer green options with all of our energy products - from standard renewable energy credits to procurement directly from renewable sources.

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Commodity Services

Commodity Services Overview

At Calpine Energy Solutions, our cutting-edge, risk-management solutions are tailored to capture the benefits of deregulation while avoiding unexpected increases in energy prices.

Market Reports

Our energy market experts can help guide your procurement decisions with daily market summaries of pricing and events in US gas and electricity markets.

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